‘Juicy’ Review

Having appeared in our Fringe festival as part of ‘Spectacular Vernacular’ in previous years to great acclaim, this was Rob’s first appearance in a one man show. A last minute change of venue was handled well by all involved and did not detract from this spoken word comedy.

A sad and sorry saga of unrequited love narrated through poems with enlightening titles such as POEM, POEM and POEM was accompanied by dance. Not quite Fred Astaire, more like Hello There (Sailor!). Meeting the man of his dreams at the airport filled us all with hope that this time… maybe this time, things would work out and his efforts to impress would be reciprocated. Alas, thwarted again but never mind the male Cabin Crew looked juicy too!

A clever and entertaining portrayal of “man seeks man” for fun and entertainment. Go see.

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