‘Dollface’ Review

‘Dollface’ is an i.e. production that follows the story of Marion, an artist struggling to move on, whilst battling against his emotions, regrets and the expectations of the other characters. In fact every character of the performance has his or her burdens to live with, each one adding to the Sisyphean theme that underlies the performance.
The small talk given on the walk up to the performance area was a nice addition, as it distracted from the hike up the hill. However the speaker was a bit on the quiet side, and given that the talk was about the performance and let the audience in on some details that they might not have been aware of otherwise, it would have been better if they had spoken a little louder.

That solitary nitpick aside, Dollface is a very good and emotive production that uses music, props and puppets masterfully, improving more and more with every performance. So don’t let the opportunity to sample this truly unique piece of theatre pass you by.

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