‘Storyteller Of The Year Entertains’ Review

Because of the raving reviews from the likes of Dr Phil Hammond & the Chippenham Folk Festival that hailed it as both “brilliant” and “captivating”, this show had a lot to live up to. Add an auspicious title into the mix and it’s hard to believe that ‘Storyteller Of The Year Entertains’ could deliver on all it promised to be.

Well good news, this show is every bit as excellent as it appears. It is filled with poems that are both well crafted and intelligent; each one packed with clever wordplay and multisyllabic rhymes that cover recent events with a comedic touch that makes the show truly unique. As well as its contemporary poems, The Storyteller Of The Year also has non topical gems to offer its audience; from a raunchy sexual proposition for Mother Nature, to the tragic demise of a callous cat named Catastrophe and a handful of hilarious others.

In short, Storyteller Of The Year has so much entertainment to offer and comes highly recommended from everyone who has been lucky enough to experience it.

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