‘The Forgotten Tales’ Review

‘The Forgotten Tales’ is a Parable Arts production that used a wide variety of music and folk stories in order to reconnect the audience with the heritage and culture of the British Isles.

One of, if not the most impressive part of this performance was the amount of energy Jon Buckeridge puts into it – whether it’s the myriad of accents (none of which seemed out of place or poorly done) that he uses to give the characters a life of their own, or how much effort he puts into acting out some of the scenes in the folk stories. From start to finish the pacing of Forgotten Tales was at a constant, transitioning seamlessly between music to folk story and then back to music with no noticeable pauses in between.

The comedy of Forgotten Tales is also praiseworthy; an aspect which had it not been perfect would have ruined the atmosphere of the whole performance. Instead the occasional humour was a well thought out addition to an already excellent production, which makes the stories, and Forgotten Tales as a whole, that much more enjoyable.

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