‘And Then They Came For Me’ Review

This show was a poignant reflection on the horrors of the treatment of the Jews, aptly performed at a time when the world seems to be divided.

The use of multimedia was very effective, as the videos that were played showed real Holocaust survivors, reminding us of the veracity of the story despite it being performed by actors.

We were definitely sucked into the story as the loud footsteps of German soldiers were heard, while the characters hid on stage. Although we could not see the soldiers, our imagination was enough, which was true for much of the performance due to the simplicity of the set.

Over the course of the show, we saw the characters break down due to the terrible treatment they underwent. An opposing perspective was also presented in the form of a member of the Hitler Youth, allowing us to see the indoctrination that the German people were subject to, as well as the normalisation of prejudice.

With an important story to tell, this is surely worth a watch!

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