‘For Conscience Sake’ Review

‘For Conscience Sake’ is a one man show from Plain Quakers Theatre, dedicated to the conscientious objectors in WW1. It looks at both sides of the argument through the eyes of Albert, a man who discovers something that changes his perceptions, hidden away in some old war letters.

One of the reasons why this show is so captivating is the characters feel real and genuine, which in turn makes their dialogue and emotional growth a lot more powerful. The revelations and adjustments in the latter half drew me in and kept my attention because it was so easy to engage with Morris and believe what I was hearing.

The sparing use of props and accents was also expertly done, small things that aren’t always noticeable but at the same time add little details that really flesh out the performance and make it a more complete and enjoyable experience.

To sum up, this show was amazing.

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