‘Hats Off to Laurel & Hardy’ Review

The slapstick opening is suitably reminiscent of our favourite comedy duo, Laurel & Hardy, and sets the scene for a comedic, yet poignant, show.

I enjoyed the style of self-aware storytelling, as there was no separation between the characters themselves and the narrators, and it was very interesting to gain an insight into the lives of this well-known double act. Both the ups and downs of their lives were depicted, from their humble beginnings to their rise to fame to their illnesses and deaths.

The ‘behind-the-scenes’ issues were especially insightful, of course being the lesser known parts of Laurel and Hardy’s life. We learn not just of how Laurel & Hardy built up their ‘tricks of the trade’, but also of their troubles in their personal lives.

The development of their craft through the process of watching and learning interested me, despite not having grown up watching them, and has inspired me to discover more about the lives of these two entertainers.

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