If you were to box up your life, or a moment of it, what would your box contain?

Reviewer Jess Cox urges you to pause for a moment of quiet contemplation at this intriguing audio street installation .

This gentle piece of audio theatre invites you to sit a while amid the relative hustle of Barnstaple town centre and lose yourself a little in the monologues and the moments you unbox.

Multiple cardboard boxes await you (I found them on the benches outside Green Lanes) each with its own audio and story. The choice over which, and how many, of the boxes you open is up to you.

You could open the story of a less than happy bride or the musings of a man who wishes to travel. Perhaps it will be the conversation of a man packing up his life, the bits and bobs which make up his existence packed up and stored away. Each story box draws you into the thoughts of its character and, being only five to ten minutes long, each piece of the collection creates a lovely space of stillness during what can easily turn into a frantic weekend at fringe.

Catch Benchmark by i.e at various alt spaces on Saturday 1.30pm and Sunday at 2pm.

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