Reformed terrorist – have you seen this man? Make sure you do

Rosanna Rothery enjoys the witty outpourings of a rebel without pause

A few left-wing demos and a spot of placard waving does not a terrorist make. Despite his slightly alarming title Andrew Silverwood really doesn’t have the demeanour of a terrorist, albeit a reformed one. Bounding about like a toddler after one too many Haribos, this pixie of polite protest is way too charming. More imp than insurgent.

Admittedly, there was an unfortunate incident when he was a teenager involving his head and a policeman’s fist which, he believes, led to him being put on the constabulary’s ‘dodgy’ list but it’s hard to imagine him sparking an international incident.

If his comedy does veer into radical territory (his tour merchandise does include his own line in condoms don’t cha know?) he doesn’t shy away from extracting mirth from the mundane or the MOR either – his hilarious skit on the frustrations of attempting to buy a hot water bottle from Argos would have sat neatly in a Michael MacIntyre routine.

Expect fresh, precocious, teetering on edgy at times yet thoroughly endearing and funny … go see.

Andrew Silverwood Reformed Terrorist’s show Fragility is at the Golden Lion Tap on Saturday at 8.30pm

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