Self-deprecating British rap from comedy duo Harry and Chris had Abi Manning chuckling all the way down the High Street


They are hailed as the ‘nation’s favourite comedy rap jazz duo’ and if there are any others around, Harry and Chris claim they must be ‘at least in the top two.’

Their brilliantly fun – sometimes poignant, always hilarious – melodic-poetic mashups are earning the pair rising star status after success at Edinburgh Fringe and the Russell Howard show.

The set list is utterly nonsensical in the most joyous way imaginable. Convinced their ‘comedy rap jazz superpowers’ somehow impregnated an endangered giant panda (it was a ‘be there’ thing), the pair set about writing uplifting songs to save the world, from solving the plastic problem (written the day before and inspired by our glorious coastline) to curing Chris’ wife’s hayfever. All this is interspersed with a bonanza of bonkers tunes including a Teletubbies/Beyonce mashup (eh oh, eh oh, eh oh, oh no no) and a Christmas number including a freestyle set about things the audience felt were underrated: kittens, Caroline Lucas and good grammar, as it turns out (admittedly I suggested the last one).

And you know what? Questionable superpowers aside, Harry and Chris turned out to be true heroes of the stage. Because, let’s face it, what greater power is there than using humour to bring folk together over the big (and little) things in life.

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