We’re all mad here

… discovers Abi Manning, as she becomes bewitched by the circus at Movez Maniax Youth Circus’ performance of Almost Alice

Be plunged down the rabbit hole into a circus of visual delight with this lively youth production, which incorporates familiar Wonderland themes with an impressive acrobatic display from a group of talented young women.

Cries of ‘I’m late, I’m late’ and other recognisable lines were interspersed with a series of well-synchronised and imaginatively choreographed interludes, from juggling to hoop throwing to aerial acrobatics – where Alice, the White Rabbit and other familiar characters were suspended from scaffolding set up in the middle of Green Lanes. The stunts continued as the Queen of Hearts got her come-uppance in a grand finale of a spears-through-the-coffin nature – much to the gasps of the younger audience members. ‘Off with her head’ indeed!

The girls delivered an energetic performance that portrayed, through body-bending tricks and colourful costumes, the madness, mayhem and confusion of Lewis Carroll’s famous novel.

Catch them again on Sunday at 1.30pm.

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