Wondering which show to go to tonight?

George Chapman is raving about A Cautionary Tale which explores the dark side of ambition and success

First and foremost this show is amazingly written: there’s an overarching cautionary tale about Lotte Belle who enters into a Faustian pact which grants her success at the expense of others. The story is also interspersed with an exploration of various cautionary tales, some of which ease the transition between different scenes, keeping the pacing constant.

To say that this performance is multi-layered and thought provoking is an understatement, even the supporting characters and their story arches were great, adding to the underlying message of a cautionary tale.

The use of lighting to signal the tonal shifts in the show, the great use of props that help set the scenes – there really weren’t any areas that A Cautionary Tale didn’t excel at or could have improved upon. From start to finish it was a really great show that delivered on its interesting premise and more.

A Cautionary Tale by Rabblerouse Theatre is at The Guildhall on Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 5.45pm.

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