Broken creator

Seraphina Allard-Bridge sees ABSTRACT, a raw energetic show exploring the struggles of the creative process

Although ABSTRACT begins with an upbeat start to a funky song, this intimate insight into the life of a young designer begins to get darker as the story progresses, as more complications and difficulties build up.

The 4th wall is quickly demolished and remains so throughout, allowing the audience to make a real connection with the performer. The monologues feel very natural and open, like a stream of consciousness, so it is easy to forget you are watching a performance at all.

James Elston gives a raw, energetic performance, engaging with the audience in very creative ways, while in turn his character talks about the struggles of the creative process, something I’m sure many of us can relate to.

Mental health is a theme that has cropped up in many TheatreFest shows this year, and with good reason too, as it is something that we all face in one way or another. This show gives a fascinating but poignant look into the life of a broken creator, and shows the struggles one can face when feeling isolated from those around you.

Let me know your thoughts – how well did you feel the issues were presented? Was there anything within this performance that you could relate to? I’d love to hear what you think!

Catch ABSTRACT by James Elston at the Castle Centre on Sunday at 4pm.

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