Glimpse beneath the surface of an autistic women’s world

Have you seen The Duck? Seraphina Allard-Bridge recommends catching this insightful show today

To be a duck is to appear calm to the world, a smile on your beak, while underneath the surface you are working tirelessly to keep up appearances. This is the life of Laura, a late-diagnosed autistic woman and the protagonist of this show.

It is important to know that a duck should not be feared, nor pitied. A duck has many aspects to it and like any of us, a duck has strengths as well as weaknesses. This metaphor continues throughout the play and proves to be an ingenious way of communicating about autism to an audience which could be unfamiliar with it.

Lucy’s energetic acting and Rhi’s masterful writing combine wonderfully so whether you yourself have autism, you have family members with autism or you know nothing about it, this is well worth a watch for a fun and informative experience. If you’ve already watched the show, let me know your thoughts!

Catch The Duck by Autact at the Castle Centre on Sunday at 1pm

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