This one got us talking!

Melanie Branton’s My Cloth-Eared Heart, a spoken word performance about a thirty-year epic quest for love, certainly got this group of friends talking. Brilliantly honest? Uncomfortable overshare? Did you see it? What did you think?

It was a girls’ night out so we chose a female-friendly topic: a show about a singleton’s quest for love. We’re still friends, of course, but it did divide opinion…here’s what we thought:

Alisha Kaliciak: ‘Cocktailing poetry, personal narrative and a fetching red polka dot dress, the ongoing quest to find a partner now in her 50s has led Melanie to examine the reasons that might preclude her from doing so. It’s a high energy, boldly intimate piece that was sustained and seamlessly delivered. Marvel at her metaphors which move between humour and dangerous revelations.’

Anita Butler: ‘Melanie laid her soul on a slab with her one-woman spoken word show. The poetry is intimidatingly good — some of the wordplay is gorgeous, and she did have me hanging on every word. However, the performance was too tightly controlled and perfect for me, too keen to impress; raw and full-on yet curiously lacking in vulnerability. I’d have preferred her cloth-eared heart to have a few frays around the edges.’

Sophie Ellis: ‘If you’re looking for easy-going, rhyming poetry, you’re in the wrong place. The poems are very personal. It makes for uncomfortable listening, and at times you don’t know where to look, but the deep subject matter in this brilliant show needs to be recognised.’

Rosanna Rothery: ‘Melanie is amazingly talented. Her crafting of words is second to none and her delivery raw and direct. Did I find the material uncomfortable? Boy yes! Did I want to be taken to those dark places of the victim? Boy no! Did I admire her honesty. Undoubtedly. Although I was left pondering: “if her sentiments about stalking men had been expressed by a male – how would we have reacted?”‘

Catch the show at The Southgate on Sunday at 4.45pm.

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