Entree – a truly magical show!

Highly entertaining , memorable show. Bravo, Jose Pedro!

‘Entrée’ really was the ‘hottest’ show in town today as temperatures in the ‘Tent on the Strand’ must have soared above 30 degrees. Despite his formal attire and the physicality of his performance, Jose Pedro Fortuna did not let the heat get to him and he put on a charming, highly entertaining, memorable show.

From the subtle eyebrow raises to the microphone with a mind of its own, he engaged the audience from the moment he appeared on stage and we instantly fell in love with his clumsy, eccentric ways.​

The effortless slapstick humour, which made my 4-year-old giggle from start to finish, had slick magic tricks woven in that left my 7-year-old wondering ‘how did he do that?’ and as for us adults, we were simply in awe of the way he made traditional clowning techniques funny and relevant for a modern audience.

This really is a show for all ages and although you can’t help but feel sorry for this hapless Master of Ceremonies, you will secretly be willing more things to go wrong, so that the show doesn’t end. Bravo, Jose Pedro, bravo, a truly magical show.

By Sara Wearne

‘Entrée’ is showing at the Tent on the Strand on Friday at 4pm and on Saturday at 4.10pm

Ages 3-93

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