‘Everything Wrong With You is Beautiful’ – beautiful spoken word piece

Sederholm has an infectious energy in this spoken word piece speaking to your inner child.

Is there a memory you are holding onto that you keep coming back to, or maybe your family always bring it up, but it doesn’t sit right. They remember it one way, you remember it another. They laugh at what they think of as a funny anecdote, you laugh along to keep the peace. What really happened is a question that never seems quite right to ask, or as we discover, is not a thing always easily defined.

In this beautiful spoken word piece, Tina Sederholm looks at what it is to heal, to reconcile, to live surrounded by certain expectations and to break out from them. At what it is to fail. This piece works beautifully at the Southgate, the intimacy provided by the space melding with the intimacy of the work itself, as Sederholm draws us into her world of poetry, memory and humour.

The piece structures itself around the memory of being left on the beach as a child, and all the ramifications of that moment, but spirals out in a poetic memoir that covers everything from leafletting at the Edinburgh fringe to moving house and performing and writing a book all at once, to horse riding. Sederholm has an infectious energy, as she guides her audience through the evening as she appeals to our inner child through addressing her own.

By Jess Cox

Everything Wrong With You is Beautiful is on at The Southgate on Friday at 8.15pm, Saturday at 5.30pm and Sunday at 4.15pm

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