‘amendments: A Play on Words’ – Middle Weight Theatre Company look at the struggle between different perspectives on using language in a ‘PC’ culture

Though provoking and eloquently written – let us know your thoughts

Believe. Regulate. Excel. Aspire. Strive. Thrive.

Sounds like a pretty cool and inspiring motto, right? That is until you see the acronym that it creates. That’s the thing with language, it can often be seen in different ways from different perspectives, and often the ways it is seen in can be somewhat … offensive. On the other hand, adjusting language so that it is inoffensive or ‘PC’ can take the emotion and the meaning out of it.

This is the struggle that Middle-Weight Theatre Company deals within their latest production, and it is an issue that is very current. Yet, this issue is not as new as it may seem. Over half a century ago, Vonnegut’s short story Harrison Bergeron dealt with a similar dilemma; making the world as fair as possible for everyone seems to come at a cost, removing essential elements of humanity.

The performance follows a meeting between Kenneth, played by Matt Roberts, and John, played by Emerson Pike, who has been called in to talk about certain allegations that have been made against him. From here, a duel of language ensues, rife with interruptions and rephrasing. Roberts perfectly portrays the caricature of a boss with a penchant for over-the-top gesticulation, with Pike giving a passionate rebuttal to the criticisms that his character is faced with.

Ultimately, both characters offer valuable insights into our turbulent world. On the one hand, it is important to protect those most vulnerable in the workplace, yet at the same time, we must strive to keep our language vibrant and full of expression. I would be interested to see the conclusions that other audience members draw from this piece, and who you think makes the most sense in this at times nonsensical work.

For a thought-provoking and eloquently written performance, go to see amendments: A Play on Words and let me know your thoughts.

By Seraphina Allard-Bridge

‘amendments: A Play on Words’ is on at the St Anne’s Arts Centre on Saturday at 1.30pm and Sunday at 1.30pm

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