‘Hamlet’ – truly experience the story of Shakespeare’s classic play

Emily Carding, who impressed audiences with her previous show Richard III, returns with another passionate performance

A one-person show is always an impressive feat, and Emily Carding goes a step further by inviting willing members of the audience to participate alongside her, as she retells the classic Shakespearean tale of Hamlet.

I was given the chance to play Ophelia and although performing on the spot may be a daunting task, it allows us as participants to garner a deeper understanding of the play and the motives of characters. That said, those that do not take part will still feel connected to the performance, as the subtle yet intimate lighting, blocking out the light from outside, transports us into Hamlet’s world.

Carding herself gives a passionate performance as Hamlet, and it is no surprise that she has received an award for doing just that. She simultaneously acts and guides the audience members through their parts, which are sure to offer something different with each performance. Even when not furthering the story, such as in giving advice at the beginning, our world is still intact through the Shakespearean language and mannerisms of Carding.

If you want to not just watch Hamlet but to truly experience the story, take a trip to The Guildhall to see Brite Theater and Sweet Productions’ take on this classic Shakespearean play.

by Seraphina Allard-Bridge

‘Hamlet’ is on Saturday at The Guildhall at 6.45pm and Sunday at 3pm

Age 12+

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