‘The Laurel and Hardy Cabaret’ – Lucky Dog Theatre Productions back with a show which will appeal to audiences of all ages

The rapport between the two performers helps the comedy to resonate across decades and across generations – well worth a watch

Lucky Dog Theatre Productions are back in Barnstaple, and this time they bring a medley of Laurel and Hardy’s best work, with something for everyone – whether it be singing, dancing or the classic Laurel and Hardy comedy that we all love.

Familiar music welcomes us into the Baptist Hall, which is home to a variety of sketches over the next hour. Although decades old, the humour never seems dated and will appeal to audiences of all ages. Much of comedy nowadays rests on politics and cultural references, so the humour of Laurel and Hardy is a refreshing departure from this, relying only on the universality of the human experience.

I think it is the rapport between these two performers above all that helps the comedy to resonate across decades and across generations; at times like parent and child, at times like squabbling siblings, the playful dynamic created on stage is a relationship that we can all relate to. Laurel’s naïve and earnest character is contrasted by Hardy’s exasperation, and Tony Carpenter and Philip Hutchinson’s carefully crafted characterisation perfectly captures this.

Over the performance, we are transported to a variety of places and situations. Carpenter and Hutchinson masterfully juggle their props and music in order to smoothly recreate the range of iconic sketches. Even the technical difficulties that were thrown their way were tackled with humour and charm, and the audience were delighted throughout.

Whether it is to relive the joy of Stan and Ollie or to discover them for the first time, The Laurel and Hardy Cabaret is well worth a watch.

by Seraphina Allard-Bridge

‘The Stan and Laurel Cabaret’ is showing at The Baptist Hall on Saturday at 8.30pm and Sunday at 2.45pm

Age 5+

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