‘A Voice We Follow’ – head on down for laughter, perils and entertaining exploits

Set in Yugoslavia, we are invited to journey with two brothers along their quirky adventure, as they try to return home

Royal Kung Foolery brings us a fresh and funny tale from a somewhat unexpected setting; 1974 Yugoslavia. It is here that we meet grumpy, cabbage-loving Ivan and his younger, more optimistic brother Boggy. These two brothers invite us, the audience, to journey with them along their quirky adventure, as they try to return home.

The two actors give an energetic and highly entertaining performance, creating two clearly contrasting yet allied characters. Like any pair of siblings, their relationship is somewhat unstable, but in the end, this is a heartwarming tale centring around family.

The ensemble is known for their hilarious use of physical theatre, which can be seen as they bounce playfully around the stage. The enthusiasm and glee of the younger Cetkovic brother is perfectly juxtaposed by his older brother’s begrudging movements, creating an absurd and comical dynamic between them.

We follow these two Yugoslavians as they take us through all kinds of mishaps, and along the way we meet Vasos, a slippery Greek tradesman. Even a couple of audience members join in with the story along the way, helping Vasos out in his misdeeds. At times things do not look good for our two main characters, but two blue balloons remain on stage throughout, serving as a beacon of hope for the audience.

Royal Kung Foolery has one more performance today at 5:30pm, so head on down to the Tent on the Strand for laughter, perils and entertaining exploits.

By Seraphina Allard-Bridge

‘A Voice We Follow’ is on at the Tent on the Strand on Sunday at 5.30pm

Age 14+

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