Making a splash

By now, in a normal year, the North Devon Gazette will have done us proud with a great display both on-line and in the printed edition of what treats are in store for North Devon. Here’s an example from 2019.

The Voice local radio station has always been very supportive. For the last couple of years Hopps and Chapple have encouraged TheatreFest companies to drop in to the studio during their morning show in the week of Fringe. Two years ago today they were visited by three theatre-techs from Limerick who had just made the long journey to be here as part of the backstage team. Hopps and Chapple were delighted that people were travelling so far to enjoy what Barnstaple has to offer. Last year they were talking to a couple of performers from New Zealand.

The North Devon Journal has undergone some fairly radical changes over the last few years and space is more limited than it used to be. However, they make a very special effort to continue their historic support for the festival.

Shops and businesses in the Town Centre – including Green Lanes Shopping Centre – are generous with giving over space for posters.

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