An ode to Fringe

Chris Brown, volunteer, reviewer and avid audience member, has written a couple of poems from a personal perspective that she hopes others can relate to. We’ll be posting the second poem as we wrap things up on Sunday.

Fringe TheatreFest
Behind the Scenes

14 years and still going strong
Each one (nearly!) Bigger and better
The word is spreading vocally,
Via media and newsletter

Gill and bill’s commitment never wanes
And their enthusiasm is catching
Despite the postmortem moans and groans
Improvement plans ever hatching,

The army of willing volunteers
Never fail to “step up to the plate”
With opportunities for everyone
To be part of something great

The volunteer roles ever-changing
“box office” continues to baffle
(it must be something about my age?)
But I can organise the raffle!

Whatever your skills, age and gender
There will always be a role
So if you haven’t already joined our clan
Make fringe theatrefest your goal

Is all the effort worth it?
I ask again and again
“of course it is” comes the reply
Yes! Yes! Yes! Echoes the refrain

So despite the glitch in 2020
We will be back next year for sure
Make fringetheatrefest your “must do” thing
Well who could ask for more!

Chris Brown June 2020

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