A video from Sam Gibbs

As I write this on a Thursday evening in late June, it is right about now that I’d be either finishing watching a show, or performing, and heading to the GLT to see friends not seen for a year and begin to seriously plan the rest of my Fringe viewing while enjoying a crisp pint to toast the first day of the Fringe.

Regarding reflections, it is never easy to capture how much of an impact I feel this festival has had on me, the pure undiluted fun and enjoyment it brings me – I can only hope I have been able to pass a fraction of that feeling onto others with my work. I have tried (in a very new capacity for me!) to frame some of my feelings and reflections on TheatreFest in this video.

A few weeks ago I found myself looking back over my photo’s from June, over the last 11 years, hoping I’d be able to compile some kind of TheatreFest album for a blog post or gallery entry. it is testament to the fact of how all encompassing and engrossing the fringe is that aside from a couple of photos of the Barnstaple bridge as I arrive in town, and the occasional picture of the tent as it is being dismantled at the end of the fringe (There is a small flurry of pictures as I hope to catch a glimpse of the Great Surmo one year but that’s another story…) I have very few photo’s of it in action. I really do find myself being fully absorbed in this wonderful fringe year on year, and I am forever thankful for the support from all those involved in making it happen, to the incredible audiences who come to watch, and so many friends, old and new, who welcome me back in as if I have never been away each year. 

Here’s to all you Theatrefest-ers, the most #TheatricallyHench of them all, wherever in the world this finds you one thing is for sure, I cannot wait to share Theatrefest 2021 with you all! 
Sam Gibbs
Autojeu Theatre

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