This picture came up on my Facebook feed this morning from 4 years ago:

This is a flyer for Bryony’s show Lyrically Minded in 2016.

Bryony is a phenomenon. As her flyer says, she’s hard to contain!

Bryony stumbled across the very first Fringe TheatreFest in 2007 and dragged the rest of her family along to share her excitement.

In year two she volunteered for box office and stewarding duties.

In year three she set up MishMish Productions and produced her first show, Spectacular Vernacular, a platform both for her own experiments in performance poetry and for other spoken word artists.

Spectacular Vernacular reappeared over the years in a further four iterations, Bryony getting more and more confident with her own poetic voice while continuing to host and champion other local and regional talents.

But Bryony is restless. She has also become an integral part of Monday Collective as well as broadening the scope of her work with MishMash Productions, exploring performance in all sorts of different site-specific circumstances – often taking on formidable logistic challenges.

Bryon continues to provide stewarding and box-office support when she’s not on stage. She is a great example of the symbiotic relationship between an organisation that can provide a nurturing environment for an individual’s talents and an individual who gives back and nurtures the organisation.

posted by Bill

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