Special memories from Zoë Buffery

Three special memories off the top of my head:

1. A show that took place in Frances Bell’s kitchen – was it Small Space?? about a couple and their life together and one has a terminal illness. It was a wonderful as a show, but also I think it was the first “alt space” show in theatrefest “venue X”

2. After festival drinks in the Queen’s Theatre bar when everyone congregates – was the year Phoebe was doing the vox box with her young producers, (where you had to put a makeshift photobooth/box on your head and record yourself talking about a show/festival).

Mark Ashmore was having a go, and the Queen’s bar staff needed to pack up, clear us out etc. So we all sneaked out leaving Mark talking to himself in an empty bar. Was quite a funny little event, with actors, volunteers, techies, Queen’s staff etc all having a laugh together (at Mark’s expense!) There’ll def be a video of this from Mark’s perspective somewhere [see below!]  – possibly someone might have one from the rest of the rabble.


3. Margaret Nathanson showing up with bags full of M&S goodies to keep the volunteers fuelled and happy 😊

Margaret – mother and grandmother and provider of M&S goodies

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