Sweet, sweet memories

This is not in any particular order. During my visits to the fringe, both as a volunteer and a visitor there are so many outstanding performances it is hard to single them out but I’ll endeavour to mention ones that really made me laugh out loud or cry or both 😉

Going back a few years, I remember a mini musical called Snakes on a Plane which was a lot of fun and cleverly put together which played to a packed audience in the Queen’s theatre. Apologies for not remembering the name of the company that performed it but there were just 5 of them I think playing a variety of roles with costume changes etc [just 3 actors in fact, which tells you how good they were]

That same year, in a very small venue upstairs, I watched the first step on the moon [I like the way you wear your hair] where the guy doing the story telling was creating a footprint whilst telling the story with video footage and eventually shinning a torch through the holes created in his footprint – making a very magical starry end to his performance (I went on to use this idea in several drama lessons and got kids to see what kinds of atmosphere they could create using a torch!

Finally a couple of years ago I watched a performance of Laurel and Hardy which was very entertaining, funny and extremely moving with brilliant performances by the two guys involved.

There have been so many others particularly good comedians and thought provoking performances and all of such outstanding quality.

I personally can’t wait until we are all able to visit the fringe again and especially thanks for all your hard work as I can only imagine the total dedication it must take to pull off something like this.

Sue R     

4 thoughts on “Sweet, sweet memories

  1. I suspect Sue is talking about ‘I Like the Way You Wear Your Hair’, no torch in ‘The Boy Who Fell in Love with the Stars’ but I’ll add one next time!


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