Bringing raunch to Barnstaple

Well Thumbed at the Barnstaple Fringe! The sun was shining that week. Barnstaple audiences were lovely; there was a genuine appetite for grown up spoken word.

I think my favourite memory has to be the two young men (I think it’s them in the foreground of this pic) who came to see the show two nights running. Afterwards, they wanted specific information on one of the muckiest Well Thumbed authors quoted in the show: John Wilmot (1647 – 1680), 2nd Earl of Rochester.

Why is that a favourite memory? Well, it was the quality of mischief; a conspiracy of performer and audience that, fingers crossed, kickstarted started a new generation on random journeys through classic literature.

The new show that Notional Theatre has been developing, The (Adults Only) Epic Narrative of Jack Sprat’s Wife, is waiting for the chance to get to Barnstaple. It has been filmed a la Quarantino, and is going online with Guildford Fringe Festival.

Back to 2017. Was it really that long ago? The pic is not great quality. But I was there. And the audience is in focus.

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