The volunteer’s viewpoint

It would be quite remiss not to mention Jo and Lisa the technicians at the Baptist Hall.

They ruled the venue but they were very kindly and  dependable to both the performers and the volunteers. The show always started on time and ran smoothly. It was  a joy to see them each year.

Jo Hotchkiss helping the next generation of technicians find their feet

There was always a feeling of excitement when the doors opened and we collected the tickets. The ticket collector introduced the show pointing out the fire exits etc making sure you got the left and right exits correct!!  a few giggles from the audience if and when you made a  mistake but it was your one and only chance to stand in front of an audience!!  

Then you were able to sit in and watch the show. Some times you were lucky and made it to see a good show more than once. My moment was seeing the faces of the children after an enthralling children’s show.

Travellers’ Tales – photo by Dave Green

The comments pinned on the notice boards after a show  made very interesting reading and were very diverse. Meeting up again with fellow volunteers each year  was always fun.

Where are you now???

Happy days


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