‘The No Show’ – an improvised look into the chaos of theatre when all seems to have gone awry

‘The No Show’, explores what happens to a show when the main performer fails to arrive and those around them have to improvise a show based on the responses of their audience. It is a hard piece not to become involved in as an active observer, as we see the panic unfurling before us and become involved as the fourth wall is broken down. The piece also plays with the idea of the comic double act – albeit one created seemingly by accident – through the characters of the ‘performers’, harking back to commedia delle’arte with us seeing the show created by two modern zani.

The sense of panic and the need for quick thought required when performance does not go to plan was really brought out through the performers who are all either current or former students at London Metropolitan University. The piece was in part inspired by the sense of apparent pandemonium found within the works of Mischief Theatre – creators of The Play That Goes Wrong. This genre they are able to take in a different direction through the use of song, dance and perhaps the best lip-synced opera I have ever heard!

If you fancy a chaotic show rooted in improvisation, tackling the role of chaos in theatre – you can see them perform at 2.15 on Friday and 6.30 on Saturday at St Anne’s.

Nathan Rodney-Jones

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