‘Re Submission’ – ELLIOTT SPEAKS!

When you’re the silent, enigmatic, musical half of a two-person company and your loud, sweary other half disappears to foreign parts it takes some guts to get up on stage alone. And to do it in a dressing gown and underpants and then enact every performer’s worse nightmare? That takes real courage. Elliott Grant looked nervous. He sounded nervous. He was unprepared for this and had a sheaf of pages of unlearned half-written script to prove it.

And bang – that’s the hook. While you’re still just slightly worried about whether he’s going to get through the next 50 minutes you find yourself snagged on a line and gently – with a self-effacing grin, another apology, and a very deft touch – he’s reeling you in.

His self-described “Bad student poetry” is actually a beautifully balanced sequence. Well-written, delivered straight from the heart, there are eye-wateringly funny epics that are comic gold. (Trust me. The Bridgwater saga with have you crying with laughter. And as for that robin…) Peppered in between are reflections on the nature of theatre itself, childhood memories, intense and righteous political rage, and deeply tender moments.

A really lovely show. Highly recommended.

By Tanya Landman

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