BEGIN: – the search for meaning in a world of disillusion

In BEGIN we meet B, M and E.
Three characters who represent the Beginning, the Middle and the End, each one a part of the narrative but none of them able to tell their whole story without the others.

All three are stuck in their own destructive cycles. All three are seeking connection and meaning. Until they are unexpectedly brought together with shocking consequences.

B is the first to put voice to his disillusionment and his thwarted plans to become an artist. He’s grown up to work with paints, but not in the way he wanted – so he has to find new ways to express himself. Alfie Dale’s register ranges from downtrodden to despair and finally to violence as he rages against his unfulfilled life.

M has been rendered listless by heartbreak. He fiddles constantly with a Rubik’s cube, but he never reaches a solution, never comes to the end of the puzzle. Every twist he makes changes every part of the cube, just as the decisions he makes mean his life will never be the same again.

E expresses passionate monologues about the circle of life, nature & spirituality. She looks to the future, while M & B are both trapped in their disappointing pasts and can’t move forward.

E offers the others a chance to escape their pasts through “little changes” – “the small action that causes the avalanche”.

Live music accompanies the action, with George Bennett’s evocative sound design adding atmosphere and tension.

With minimal set and props, the cast fill the stage with their physicality as the actions builds to a devastating crescendo.

Claudia Richardson

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