‘Out of Words’ – surely the most joyous show on the fringe this weekend

A beautiful blend of sound and movement, telling the story of a man’s life and work with grace and compassion.

Rudyard Kipling stands alone upon a pile of books while three dancers enter one by one, pick up a book and read out loud a line of “If”.

Accompanied by a gorgeous score, these four dancers bring the writer’s story to life.

The tranquillity of the writing process is beautifully punctuated by playful creatures literally plucking their stories from Kipling’s head. The characters from The Jungle Book are brought to life before our eyes as they weave around Kipling in sensuous, flowing movements.

In turns both playful and poignant, the performance is enhanced by pinpoint precision from the production crew.

To paraphrase Kipling, these young dancers truly “walk with Kings”. A triumph.

‘Out of Words’ will be performed once more on Sunday at 7.15 on the main stage of the Queen’s.

Claudia Richardson

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