‘Breeding Grounds’ – a witty and relevant outlook on domestic life and world issues

‘Breeding Grounds’ tackles major world issues of climate change, immigration, overpopulation and the role of carers from the domestic setting of a marriage between two seemingly contrasting characters. Years after hoping to change the world for the better together, Ingrid and Stewart debate the capacity for politics to solve the issues facing our society with Steward discussing how his hands are tied politically, limiting the capacity for change in his role as an MP.

A witty perspective on domestic life, ‘Breeding Grounds’ is able to tread the line between the small domestic sphere of the two characters and their marriage with the broadness of the political decisions that will shape our planet’s future. Through a realistic look on British politics and a glimpse into village life familiar for many of us the piece challenges audiences to reconsider not only what we understand, but rather the truths that we don’t want to understand as we move forward.

Nathan Rodney-Jones.

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