‘Birth of the Mechanoid’ Review

Walking through the town square, it’s hard to ignore the man, or ‘Mechanoid’, wearing steampunk glasses and a wallet over his mouth – that is Dude the Obscure. Curious passers by witnessed the passionate slam poems of the performer as he reached out to individual members of the public with cautionary tales of workaholism and, most poignantly, with a heartfelt poem dedicated to his late Grandfather.

For me some of it worked, and some of it didn’t. It was well written and clear to see the work and passion put into it; however the busy sounds of traffic tended to drown out the words and the performer had to fight against the noise. Perhaps in a more intimate setting an audience would have been able to appreciate the spoken word more.

The whole piece was strange and experimental, yet passionate and personal – my opinion is split – love it or hate it; I just can’t make up my mind! What do you think? Did you catch Dude the Obscure?

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