‘Grimm’s Fairer Tales’ – a truly wonderful experience for the whole family

‘Fairer’ tales brought to life by a master storyteller – with some help from the audience!

Everyone loves fairy tales, and now, thanks to Eden Ballantyne of Stories Alive, everyone loves ‘fairer’ tales too. Girls, boys, men and women are made to question fairy tales’ patriarchal take on society and instead consider kingdoms where a young girl can become a ‘Killer of Wolves’ and ferocious grannies carry axes in their handbags.

Younger members of the audience donned simple costumes and brought the stories to life with the help of the master storyteller. His energy never dwindled and it was obvious that he enjoyed seeing how his show would pan out as much as the audience.

Today’s highlights included the giggling wolf and the king who thought she was being proposed to by the storyteller himself (thankfully, she declined) whilst references to Modern Britain made the adults chortle: who’d have thought that Hansel and Gretel were 30-year-old graduates still living off the Bank of Mum and Dad?

Thank goodness for the Miller’s daughter who became Prime Minister to right some wrongs. This show is proof that the screen-loving younger generation are still delighted by simple pleasures such as dressing up and acting out a good old-fashioned story (with a twist!).

And remember: don’t ever marry a man you’ve never met or a man who locks you in a dungeon.

By Sara Wearne

‘Grimm’s Fairer Tales’ is on at the Tent on the Strand on Sunday at 2.30pm

Age 3-12

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