And more and more and more…

A reminiscence from Nicola Cockell who, amongst other things, is the genius who finds billets for many of the out-of-town companies. This part of the operation is often referenced by performers as being both a help financially but also a really important part of experiencing Barnstaple. It’s a jigsaw puzzle in which the number of pieces is far superior to the number of remaining gaps. But somehow she manages.

She’s also the current Treasurer of Fringe TheatreFest having been Chair in the past and has been instrumental raising the funds that allow all this to happen.


We had some members of SOOP theatre company staying with us. They had brought Scallywags to Fringe, which was a fairly large cast play.

Our visitors realised we had a large loft space and asked if they could use it as a rehearsal space. We agreed.

Do you know that scene near the beginning of the first part of The Hobbit when Bilbo unwittingly plays host to a mob of dwarves, well, that was us? The doorbell kept going and more and more young men, dressed in a variety of army uniforms kept appearing at the door and disappearing up the stairs.

I have no idea how many there really were, but it seemed like a legion at the time.

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