Where are the posters we see in town
Advertising Fringe TheatreFest
Where’s the gazebo on the High Street
Manned with informers doing their best
Where is the marquee on the Square
We are now well into June
Where are the flags swaying in the breeze
“TheatreFest is coming soon”
Where are the black t-shirted team
Heralding the event
Where are the a-boards outside the halls,
Cafes, library and tent
Where is the clown in the High Street
The uni-cyclist and children’ choirs
Where are the volunteers with badges
And programme flyers
Where is the box office now
What’s on in the Green Lanes
Where is the bard and the minstrel
And the comedian playing games
Alas its 2020 and covid-19 has closed us down
This year we have only a deserted, lonely town
But we will be back in ‘21 in our usual place
Fringe TheatreFest will resurrect
We promise – watch this space!

Chris Brown June 2020

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