‘Well Thumbed’ Review

With one of the most intriguing premises of this year’s fringe, ‘Well Thumbed’ is a funny, well thought out and gleefully irreverent production. The one man show explores the filth and sex that is spattered all over the pages of classic literature, covering a whole spectrum of sexual themes.

Well Thumbed has compiled a bawdy anthology that includes extracts from the likes of Bronte, Shakespeare and even explores unlikely sources like Charles Dickens and the Bible. Yet an even bigger part of why this show is so good is the sheer joyous energy that is present from start to finish. Terry Victor engages brilliantly with every quote, delivering them in such a comical fashion and interacting with the audience in such a way that it’s impossible not to laugh out loud at every line.

So if you’re aged 14 and up and want to laugh your a*se off, this show is definitely for you.

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