‘Blooming Out’ Review

The brainchild of NOS three, ‘Blooming Out’ is a charming two-woman clown show which explores a variety of subjects linked with the overall theme of womanhood.

From a technical standpoint the performance was very well planned, the music choices fit the situations perfectly and added a little extra to the comedy, as well as being used to great effect with the production’s more poignant moments. The singing was also a welcome addition to the show, especially linked as it was with the theme of motherhood.

The comedy was really good, very energetic and lively (and this is coming from someone who is not a big fan of clowning, so well done!) but at the same time didn’t make the more serious moments seem out of place. This show gets a recommendation because it has it all; comedy, music and dramatic moments, all of which flows together in a seamless performance.

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