Caravan of Love – claustrophobic but powerful

Reviewer Jess Cox found this psychologically unsettling one-act play both intimate and intense. Have you seen it yet, what did you think?

In this play by new young writer Tom Daldry we watch the intense breakdown of a relationship at the very point when a relationship should arguably be at its strongest: the honeymoon. Making use of a minimalist set consisting of wooden benches, two rails, camping gear, saucepan and notebook, the three performers manipulate their space to explore a relationship that is crumbling in the confines of the small caravan in which the couple are spending their honeymoon.

Exploring emotional abuse and the need to not hold people’s past against them – facilitated by a slightly surreal hitchhiker – the actors bring to life the constantly shifting elements of their characters’ relationships, with impressive performances by all.

The action throughout the piece is punctuated by The Housemartin’s Caravan of Love, played through the speakers. Hummed, and belted out at various points in the drama, its reiteration reminds us what we ‘should’ be seeing. What we do see on this disastrous honeymoon could not be more different.

Intimate and intense, this is well worth a watch.

Catch Caravan of Love by Theatre Nation at The White Moose Gallery on Thursday at 4.15pm, Friday at 4.15pm and Saturday at noon.

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