‘Good Grief’ – a witty and poignant exploration of emotion and family dynamics,

‘Good Grief’ follows the narrative of a family distanced by a sense of personal betrayal who are brought together for the funeral of a loved one. The piece is a mix of moments of wry dark humour and of quiet, but emotive, pathos between characters as they try to come to terms with what has happened. Challenging ‘what’s normal when grief is involved?’, ‘Good Grief’ acknowledges the complexity of human emotion and the role of family in difficult times.

This is widened to the times we live in with the ever-presence of COVID-19 being keenly felt throughout the piece, creating a show that is at once satirical but also deeply respectful. ‘Good Grief’ will be performed again at 2.00 on Sunday at the main stage of the Queen’s.

Nathan Rodney-Jones.

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